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Re: Re: FM satellites, the Future, etc.

Hi Laura,

You asked:
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What can we do to help beginners? It is very much in our interest to
do so; to grow the next generation of satellite amateurs. What's missing?
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I think you answered your own question when you said:
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Personally, I'm still banking on Phase 3D as the easy satellite
for beginners, and would rather see AMSAT's efforts concentrated
on it, rather than diluted in other projects.
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I also think that will go a long way toward getting more people on FO-20 & 29A.
 Back when AO-13 was flying you could always find folks on FO-20.  Now they are
laying low (I confess to being one of them) but I bet they come back when there
is more quality operating time available.  We sure aren't going to encourage
many new folks by giving them more time to listen to the mess on AO-27.  In the
post-P3D world, if we cannot put up another P3 (or P4?) bird then I think our
effort is best put toward more FO-20s rather than more AO-27s.

GL with your project.

73 - JC,k0hps@amsat.org

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