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Re: FM Satellites (Millennium Project)

Hi Dave!  

It's been a long time!

Dave Metz wrote:
> Who is going to build these FM sats???
A good plan would be for various clubs around the world to adopt a
project.  Those details would need to be hammered out. We're talking a
toaster sized device with discrete componentry, NOT an Iridium class

> Who will pay for them?
Who paid (is paying) for P3D?  I envision world wide support.  Tasteful
corporate money should also be welcome, sort of like PBS.  Of course we
would do no advertising, or allow a pecuniary interest other than a
similar exposure and credit the rig manufacturers now enjoy.
> After all is said about FM sats, there remains one problem besides the launch.  The only hams
> in AMSAT that have the ability to design and build such sats, have absolutly no interest in
> doing it!  Take the time to ask them.  
Been there. I have. You're not correct.  There is definitely enough
expertise and talent amongst interested parties to get the job done.  I
could put together a hand picked team and have the first one built by
Labor Day.

> They will tell you "been there, done that, bad idea."
> If pressed, they will give you a long series of arcane reasons why FM "easy sats" are a bad
> idea.  Then they will change the subject and start talking about Phase 3 E that's in the back
> of their minds...
I've encountered stonewallers before.  Again, I am not proposing a
replacement for P3E, F, G, or any other technology.  What I maintain
through this proposal is that there needs to be MORE easy sats for the
average Joe, in addition to the time honored transponder sats.  As a
review, FO-20 is my favorite satellite.

> Since the technical people in AMSAT are all vollenteers, no one can force them to build
> "easy sats".  They are just not going to do it.  They have no interest at all in being involved
> with what most of them consider a bad idea.
Unless you can show me a poll of the constituency supporting this claim,
I don't buy it.  There IS a silent majority in favor of MORE, EASIER
technology.  Volunteers would come out of the woodwork.

> New idea:
> Go back to your shack, and start designing a back packable microwave transciever.  1.2Ghz
> SSB uplink and 2.3Ghz down would be a good choice.  The antenna(s) would be small and the
> technology readily available.  Personally I would start by investigating direct conversion
> designs using VXO's for the LO.
Not a bad idea, and when someone lofts a bird with those capabilities, I
will probably build just such a device, since I've striven hard to
acquire the ability to work all the present birds. (Boy was antenna
design for RS-15 hard!).  But, this goes the opposite way of my proposal
which is to expand the ability of the time pressed, financially pressed,
real estate pressed operator to work the birds.

> The future is in microwave SSB, not FM.   Or at least thats the direction the technical people
> are heading.
Maybe.  Who's future?  Almost every ham I know has a 2 meter HT.  Very
few I know delve into microwave technology on a DIY basis.  My easy sat
proposal (or reasonable facsimile) will bring sat use to the masses, not
just to the technically advanced.

The really nerdy computer geeks run Linux and applications no Windows
users even dreamed they could run.  Do you?  Does the average ham?  

The average ham is mainstream, and uses handheld FM devices for
communications.  Let's let them work some easy sats!

On a personal note Dave:  I sure miss George Carver flying his Lear Jet
over my house on his way to watch UI wrestling.!

73, Mike in Fort Myers, FL  (Ex Iowa City, Iowa -- 18 years ago)

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