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Re: Fw: FM satellites (was: Re: SUNSAT OVER EUROPE)

Good morning Russ,

Russ Tillman wrote:
> While I think this debate is healthy and good for the organization, I am
> amused by your following comment to Paul Williamson, KB5MU regarding his
> critique of your proposal:
> >I'm sorry you don't think this is an interesting possibility, but, I'm
> >not surprised.  With over 2000 sat contacts, I couldn't find a logging
> >for you, and I thought I've worked just about everybody!
> >
> >Perhaps one of these days YOUR bus will reach its destination, and
> >you'll finally see that 8th wonder of the world.
> >All kidding aside, keep up the good work Paul, and I'm sure we'll see
> >bigger and colorful things from your camp soon!

The first comment was meant to support the Millennium project by
pointing out that with the current limited air time available on the
amateur satellite fleet, it is amazing we haven't worked before.  We
HAVE spoken many times via email however.  If there was a Millennium
Project, Paul could step outside at lunch time, and eat a sandwich while
making a couple contacts on one of the birds.  Wouldn't that be

The second comment was in response to a playful question I posted in the
original email.

I asked:      >Are you on the bus?

He penned:    >Not this bus.  I prefer one with an interesting
destination and a practical
               chance of arriving.

That is absolute dismissal of my proposal as having no merit.  My
response was intended to be playful, and not hurtful.  I even alluded to
the fact I was kidding.

I have grown to appreciate Paul's efforts, and indeed the efforts of all
the fine volunteers in the AMSAT organization.  I'm not asking for any
special recognition for the many hours I spend helping newbies and
demoing sats for the uninitiated.  It all goes with the turf.

My proposal is intended to cause discussion, and perhaps get others
thinking about what we should be doing as a community beyond P3D, AO-10,
and the RS and FO birds.  The possibilities are endless.  I freely admit
I don't have all the answers, in fact probably less than half the
answers, but I am willing to dream, learn and expand my horizons.  I for
one need to hope that this isn't all she wrote.

I am of the opinion that it is best to look for good in any proposal, no
matter how outlandish or oversimplified it may seem.  Perhaps this stems
from my management training, and the creative latitude my career allowed
me as an innovator.  I was taught to "step out of the box," and look at
things from a unique angle.  It is not always best to be a good soldier,
and march in step with the others.  Innovation often stems from the

> Probably the main reason that you haven't worked Paul is that he spends most
> of his AMSAT time making sure www.amsat.org  and amsat-bb, et.al. are up and
> running. I know he has also contributed much time to some designs that are
> flying on Phase 3D.
I tip my hat to him and others.  I'd love to work him and others on a
Millennium class satellite.

> AMSAT is a lot of things to a lot of folks with each providing a valuable
> service.  That's why there is no single strategy/solution for AMSAT.  Rather
> it a volunteer organization that requires folks to dive in, justify and
> carve out their nitch for the value of the entire organization. They can't
> rely on others to do. And, sometimes we don't realize the value (or damage)
> of these efforts until after the fact. And as Dick Jansson sez "This is
I couldn't agree more.  No dissension here.  However, if words can
inflict damage during debate, then egos are much too fragile.

Believe this Russ, my intentions are in the right place, and I will
always help, serve, and attempt to guide this organization as it
embraces the new millennium.  

If volume of private email I've received since starting this debate is
any indicator, there is a very large silent majority out there very much
in favor of an easy satellite program.

73, Mike in Fort Myers, FL

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