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Re: FT-847 and CAT re visited

Dave Lamont wrote:
 > By the way. I see a comment about "my commercial software".
 > To coin a phrase this is only about 2% correct. I am 70 and
 > developed this project as a hobby and as a method of preventing
 > the grey matter from solidifying. The charges for the product are
 > reasonable and may some day put me in the red. I am NOT using
 > this reflector as an advertising channel.
Yikes, I've only been subscribed to this reflector a short time, and
after only a few postings I've managed to inflict totally unintended
injury on a fellow ham who was trying to be helpful!  Ouch!!!!

Dave, when I saw your posting, I incorrectly assumed that you were
a USER of software that you had PURCHASED, NOT the AUTHOR of it!!!!

So my remark was meant along the lines of, "You have a piece of
software that you paid good money for, and presumably it has been
checked out a WHOLE lot more carefully than my little test program
that I threw together in a few hours.  So test my suggestion with a
program that is 'known' to operate correctly".  I never meant
to imply that you were abusing the reflector in any way.  Obviously,
any of us who have equipment that could be used more effectively
with the help of your product appreciate hearing about it.  And the
snipped-out portion of this message clearly demonstrated that you
are willing to unselfishly share helpful information.  Please accept
my apologies for the unintended meaning of my remark.

And by the way, I agree wholeheartedly with your critique of the
FT-847 CAT interface.  In fact, MORE than that, since I have one of
the early models off the assembly line that has a known defect in
the firmware that prevents the radio from reporting back its current
frequency and emission mode via the CAT interface!  At least Yaesu
offered to fix THAT MUCH for no charge if I can stand to part with
the radio for a while.  And it burns me up even more because I am a
competent enough programmer to know that the remaining omissions COULD
be remedied if Yaesu devoted some resources to fixing them.  Heck,
maybe they should hire BOTH of us to fix it for them!   ;-)

73,  KB0ZEV

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