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RE: FM satellites; Millennium Project

Look for a Belcom LS-202, a 2m FM/SSB handheld, very much
like an Icom IC-2A on steroids!  I made many a mountain top
SSB QSO with that one.


Vy73,  Mike.   KD9KC    MARS: AAV6EV
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The farthest WEST ham in West Texas.
El Paso, where we have two seasons;
Summer, and Christmas.

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> >Randolph Kohlwey wrote:
> > >
> > > I wish someone would make a HT SSB rig that could be used 
> to work FO-20
> > > and FO-29 with an arrow antenna.  It could have few 
> feature but should
> > > include built in Doppler control. It could also have a 
> tracking program
> > > built in to tell where to point the arrow antenna and 
> when the next pass
> > > will be.  Two meters SSB up and 70 cm SSB down. An 
> internal GPS unit
> would
> > > be nice.
> > >
> > > I have worked FO-20,FO-29 and RS-13 portable but the 
> problem is that
> during
> > > the work week out West no one or very few people are on! 
> Often there are
> more
> > > FM simplex QSOs on FO-xx going on between hams on the ground than
> between
> > > SSB satellite users.
> > >
> >The first time I saw Icom's IC-R10 HT-style all-mode communications
> >receiver, I told the Icom rep at the local hamfest that the 
> only thing
> >it was missing was a PTT button!  (I didn't buy one at 
> retail price at
> >the hamfest due to the missing PTT, but a month later found 
> a like-new
> >used one at a price I couldn't pass up.)  Having worked both 
> FM simplex
> >and SSB simplex on the VHF and UHF bands, it strikes me as 
> odd that none
> >of the major radio manufacturers has never considered building such a
> >thing.  It's like they never heard of QRP operation, and figure that
> >a handheld transceiver without a repeater is worthless, so why add CW
> >or SSB capability?  Maybe we need to build terrestrial linear
> >transponders to use our SSB/CW handhelds with before the companies
> >will build them for us. . .       ;-)
> >
> >But if those handheld all-mode rigs were ever built, maybe we should
> >modify Mike (KF4FDJ)'s proposal to orbit a string of SSB satellites
> >instead that we can all work with those HT's!
> Great Idea. The ICOM 706MKIIG and the Yaesu equivalent work 
> great in this
> role and they are VERY man portable!!
> Henry Moseley
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