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Re: packet via sound card (flexnet)?

>Does it work in DOS before starting Windows?

[the scope works correctly but no traffic is displayed in BCT on MON mode on 
a 1200b APRS chanel and a local packet bulleten board, also I had a friend 
try to send packets on a prearanged freq.]

And is your sound hardware
>really _hardware_ SB compatible (as opposed to software SB emulation)?

[How would I be able to tell?  My sound card (or chip) is preinstalled on 
the laptop]

>Does your BIOS initialize (download the sequencer code) to the ES1987?

[Is bios like autoexec? and what is a sequencer code?  (I am a user trying 
to familiarise myself with these terms and devices so be patient with me as 
I am determined to get this thing running.)]

> > environment with the sound blaster driver (maestro.com)and flexnet 
>What is maestro.com supposed to do?

[I was told by the computor guru in my physics department it was the dos 
driver that I probably needed for this aplication???]
> > games).  Also, I have only been able to receive two messages on a very 
> > packet frequency after monitoring a generous amount of time.  I want to
>What mode are you using? 9k6 might not work with some soundcards
>that have highpass filters at their input
[Thank tou Tom & 73's de KQ6UP]

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