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On Tue, 27 Jul 1999, KF4FDJ (Mike in Ft. Myers, FL) wrote:

> > Interesting idea, but what if say I'm working in a jungle/rainforest 
> > setting and I need to make an emergency communication...
> If all of the birds in this fleet had a secondary tone to which they
> would respond, then emergency, search and rescue, wilderness, and
> priority traffic users could program that tone and trip whichever bird
> is in eyesight.

Tones do nothing on a busy channel.  Tones only have value when the
channel is not in use.  The uplink to an amateur bird sees 100% RF and
always from the strongest station. There is no way to break into such a
situation no matter how urgent your situation...due to the FM
capture effect (except with more power).

If however, there was a general agreement on some amateur FM satellite to
say a 5 watt ERP limitation under all conditions except emergencies, then
in this case, an emergency station that could run 50 watts could capture
the bird at any time.  This is my whole point.

THat it would be nice to hve an FM channel with a gentlemens 5W ERP limit
for all routine operations.  THis WOULD then permit the AMSAT-UK demo, or
anyone with an emergency to run 50W under "an exception" and be heard.

Amateurs have shown that they can follow QRP limits when asked.  There is
a great many QRP stations that pride themselves on keeping it under 5
watts.  If we just had a channel where the ownwer/operators of the bird
specified a 5W QRP limit, then I think everyone would be happy.  ANyone
could do whatever they wanted with 5 W.  Chase Grids or whatever.  Then if
there was a demo, or an emergency, then those operators could switch to
high power and have good access always.

de WB4APR, Bob

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