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Re: FM satellites (was: Re: SUNSAT OVER EUROPE)

Flying Satellites in"formation"????

It takes big bucks to do that!!!  Why would you need another
satellite in formation to have two different frequencies???
Just put them both on one if they're that close...

Actually either way would not work for say, a VHF frequency,
such as 2 meters...too much desense, etc.

Wait for the PD3, if you've got the time...

de Bill, N4DH

At 10:07 AM 7/27/99 GMT, JC_Smith@designlink.com wrote:
>==== snip ====
>On Tue, 27 Jul 1999, KF4FDJ (Mike in Ft. Myers, FL) wrote:
>> > The only way to benefit from more analog FM satellites in orbit
>> >  would be to put them up in formation.  
>> Just the sort of progressive thinking this project needs.  Properly
>> spaced, and supported by shear numbers, the load would be lifted from
>> the "18 minute bird,"...
>But impossible to do on an amateur budget.  Takes fuel, attitude control
>systems, etc.  Adds two orders of magnitude to the cost and complexity of
>each satellite.
>Random orbits is fine for our needs.  (we dont have to match consumer
>demands for 100% availability).  My guess would be that about 10 on
>the FM builders channel would result in minimum overlaps, yet provide
>adequate use times.
>de WB4APR, Bob
>==== snip ====
>You guys are missing the point.  The "formation" I was refering to was like a
>military aircraft formation, only a few feet apart.  As it would be difficult
>to work more than one bird at a time (some would probably try) more folks
>have a chance for a qso.  Space 'em out and the aligators will jump from
one to
>another as they come into view.
>Actually, what I was really doing is agreeing with those who feel that our
>efforts should go toward more FO-20/29 type machines if we can't get more P3
>birds up.  As others have pointed out, it does not cost a fortune to get a
>satellite station on the air, just a little effort and ingenuity.  That's
>the hobby is supposed to encourage.
>Hopefully, P3D will fly one of these days.  That should take a lot of the
>pressure off the other machines.
>73 - JC,k0hps@amsat.org
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