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Re: FM satellites (was: Re: SUNSAT OVER EUROPE)

At 10:07 AM 7/27/99 GMT, JC_Smith@designlink.com wrote:
>have a chance for a qso.  Space 'em out and the aligators will jump from
one to
>another as they come into view.

I also bet some will but they still have to eat/sleep/work sometime. Some
of them can work the other birds. But given the choice of calling CQ for much
of the pass with no takers or going to a satellite that is being used they
choose to go to AO-27.

>Actually, what I was really doing is agreeing with those who feel that our
>efforts should go toward more FO-20/29 type machines if we can't get more P3
>birds up.  As others have pointed out, it does not cost a fortune to get a
>satellite station on the air, just a little effort and ingenuity.  That's
>the hobby is supposed to encourage.

But we have FO-20 on now on FO-20 on analog sometimes but they are not being
used much!  If we can't get the two that are up now being used why launch more
that a replacement when one of them fails?

At one time I considered flying a transponder on JAWSAT, It had the
power/weight/size budget to do that. I did not have the time/knowledge
then to build one myself and I had not heard of one that was ready looking
for a ride to fly. Also I knew that another FM bent pipe would be used by
many more people than another transponder would.

So what is it going to take!  Get a satellite option for the K2 kit. A
AMSAT/TAPR analog/digital kit?  I keep hearing about cheap 2 meter SSB
transmitters. The cheapest one I ever found was $250.00 around here. I know
transverters are cheaper but I do not have a HF rig. I did trade up my old
radios for a FT-736. Many of the hams that are using AO-27 do not have HF
privileges so see not need for a HF transmitter.

I have received FO-20 just fine with a IC-R10, a $40 pre-amp and a $25.00
dual band magmount antenna while driving down the road. In fact I had no
drop outs unlike one of the hams who I was listening to was complaining about.
He was using a AO-10 capable ground station but was stuck on right hand

Here in Utah some of the AO-27 regulars have moved on to the SSB satellites
but others still can't afford too.

Randy N7SFI

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