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Re: FM satellites (was: Re: SUNSAT OVER EUROPE)

On Mon, 26 Jul 1999, KF4FDJ (Mike in Ft. Myers, FL) wrote:

> What we need, and what I have proposed is a constellation of easy sats. 
> 20 or 30 easy birds will facilitate "regular" users, as well as newbies.
> There should be a competition between the universities to come up with a
> winning design.  A large cash award, and prestige will be the trophy. 
> The winning team will blueprint the design for the other schools to
> produce.

I think we both agree here on the desire to have more birds.  But Academia
wont work that way. An initial competition might work, but in Academia,
practically no one will get funding to just make a copy of someone else's
design after the frist ones are in orbit.  That is why I suggest the
"Builders Channel" and "General Mission" objectives.

This way, schools have a target and an objective with AMSAT's guidance
that will "lead" development in the direction which will hopefully result
in a series of common transponders.  Each school can optimize their
project while achieving a common good in the long run.

In either case, schools are building satellites.  We need to channel that
effort to a usable Amateur Satellite system whatever it takes.  And in my
opinion, the objective should include some handheld/mobile operations.


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