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Re: FM satellites (was: Re: SUNSAT OVER EUROPE)

On Tue, 27 Jul 1999 04:51:03 GMT, JC_Smith@designlink.com wrote:

> I used to do demos (mostly receiving, but some contacts) on AO-21 and AO-27.  I
> don't any more.  They sound too much like a repeater jammers convention... a
> very poor demonstration of amateur radio operation.

Of the hundreds of times I have worked AO-27, I have never considered it a
jammers convention. Heck, I have even worked it on the weekend with an HT
and a whip, which supposedly is hard to do. Am I missing something here?
Yes, it's busy and hectic, but so is a rare DX contact via CW. The pileup,
fo me at least, is part of the fun and challenge. 

As far as being an appliance operator, I freelt admit that I use
'storebought' HT's and mobile rigs. It woyld not be cost effective to build
a 2M/70cm rig. The only HF equipment I currently own is SW40+ QRP rig that
*I* built and *I* modified. I also use a NJ-QRP Club Rainbow Tuner that I
built and a Vectronics keyer that I built. I do have a set of paddles that I
built but I have to admit they aren't as nice as my Bencher paddles. My
antenna for 40 meters is a 67 foot longwire hidden in the trees. So, does
the fact that I built some of my own equipment remove the 'appliance
operator' label from me?

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