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Re: FM satellites (was: Re: SUNSAT OVER EUROPE)


Thanks for the response.  Again, debate is good.

Red Johnson wrote:
> Maybe we should all take a deep breath and ask ourselves, do we want another
> internet made up of appliance operators with HTs?  I doubt it, cell phones
> are much cheaper and much more reliable.
Do you work AO-27?  If so, then you have practiced.  You know when the
bird will be coming over the horizon.  You know roughly which
polarization sense will work best for that very weak downlink signal.
You understand Doppler, and how the 70 cm and 2 meter Doppler differ,
and have practiced and know how to compensate during the pass.  Perhaps
you have programmed several frequency pairs to facilitate your tuning.

Are you an appliance operator?  I don't think any operator with enough
savvy to work AO-27 is an appliance operator.
> Do we want to attract people with an inate curiosity to explore radio?  Do
> we want those who are willing to "work" for that privilege or those that
> simply demand it?

I've worked for months getting my current Oscar station in prime.  Low
loss cable, tilt over tower, ax/el rotator, low noise pre amps,
satellite tracking interface, hours of massaging software to work the
way I want ...  In short, a SSB station capable of working the linear
transponders is no trivial weekend project.  It takes months of
dedication to making everything just right.

There are many, many operators where installation and maintenance of a
full Oscar array is out of the question. Fledgling hams who live with
their parents.  Apartment dwelling hams.  Physically challenged hams. 
Traveling hams.  Mobile hams. For them, I make my proposal.  

If I was being elitist, or protecting my turf, I would be quietly
satisfied with the status quo and being one of a few thousand operators
capable of working ALL the birds.  Instead, I see the handwriting on the
wall, and know if we don't do something to embrace new technology and
bring fresh blood and ideas into our ranks, we will die a slow gruesome
death.  Oh, a proud death for sure, one hard won through practices
tantamount to hazing, but death most assuredly!
> 'nuff said,
No.  I don't think so.  New ideas are not so easily shelved by those
who've "earned" the right to be exclusionary and elitist.  Yes, let's
embrace an easier path to successful satellite operation.  It really
WOULD be in our best interest.

73, Mike in Fort Myers, FL
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