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Re: FM satellites (was: Re: SUNSAT OVER EUROPE)

Excuse me, a word from a lurker if the assembled will yield the floor

I have watched this debate, and a VERY similar one regarding making it
easier to get a Ham license, and it suddenly strikes me, how very similar
the arguments have become.

Maybe we should all take a deep breath and ask ourselves, do we want another
internet made up of appliance operators with HTs?  I doubt it, cell phones
are much cheaper and much more reliable.

Do we want to attract people with an inate curiosity to explore radio?  Do
we want those who are willing to "work" for that privilege or those that
simply demand it?

I know which I'd like to see more of.

'nuff said,
73 de K1RED

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>At the risk of being branded a nay-sayer, I am going to respond to
>some of the weaknesses in Mike's proposal.  Somebody has to.

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