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    Don't expect everyone to be fair about it.  What already has happened here
    with AO-27, and now SO-35, will become the norm.  The station with the
    most ERP will win.  Like I said before, this isn't rocket science.
                                                                     -- KD9KC

Actually, skill seems to count for alot.  I hear N2YQP on most weekend passes
and i don't think he or i run more than 5 watts.  His power goes into a three
element yagi and mine goes into a 4 element LPVA.  I think there are other
'regulars' who operate with a similar regime.  Yeah, people step on us, but
we have a good time.  At least on weekdays, he sometimes runs 1/2 W.  So it
is hardly just a matter of ERP.

The biggest problem AO-27 has is that it's too popular.  It really doesn't
matter how much power is being run.  If everyone were running QRP, we would
still have a problem.  Overcrowding is primarily on weekend passes and also
on a few transcontinental passes per week at other times.  The next three
problems are, in order of severity, people calling CQ who can't hear AO-27,
Spanish speaking terrestrial operators (probably unlicensed), and then an
occasional ragchewer.  Mind you, any non-contest style QSOs when conducted 
on AO-27 may be perceived as ragchewing if it is a weekend or on one of the 
highly desirable transcontinental passes.  Especially on such passes, 2-3 
short transmissions per party is nominal and a rapid three-way exchange
(A->B, B->A, A thx; or, A IDs, B->A, A->B) is commonplace.

We may have more J-FM birds going up in September and this may help ease 
the crunch.

However, i wonder if the concept of someone being able to say "Demo!" and
have people report their locations may ease the problem that Bob is trying 
to address without cramping everyone's style.

                                -- KD6PAG
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