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Mir / STS-93

Jean Pierre and Serge were active again this 
afternoon during orbit #76765.  After first receiving
an SSTV image of them both, I manage to have
another pleasant QSO with Jean Pierre.  He says
they have been busy today preparing for an EVA
and were making a few contacts over the U.S before
going to sleep. 
As for STS-93,  I can report only one active U.S
pass by the crew and that was yesterday evening
or roughly 0300z on the 26th.  I since e-mailed
SAREX Operations Manager: Will Marchant at 
kc6rol@amsat.org to hopefully encourage at least
some packet operations for general amateur
utilization before the crew wraps things up this
evening.  I would encourage everyone interested
to also e-mail Will so that we might have a chance
for a contact on this last amateur equipped shuttle
73 de Steve
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