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Quoting Bob Bruninga (bruninga@nadn.navy.mil) [990726 15:29]:
> I agree completely.  THe statement about "no awards" was in the context of
> "how to make handheld demonstrations possible."  Sorry if that was not

the best possible demonstration that I know of was Dove. Who needs 2-way
for a demonstration? I used to sync my watch with my tracking program
and I could stand outside with an inexpensive handheld and at nearly the
"appointed" second I would say "here it comes", and the squelch would
break and there would be the other-worldly voice of Dove in space!
(we could really use another DOVE!)

this debate is important but lets not lose site of the fact that all
the major ham rags have been publishing articles expounding on how easy
it is to get on the sats so we have attracted an audience. 

And like it or not, the LEO single channel FM birds are designed to reward
higher ERPs.

So lets not be surprised when higher ERPs and overcrowding result in
failure to use the bird like we want to ....

Jeff Davis, N9AVG
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