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packet via sound card (flexnet)?

I am having problems getting flexnet to run correctly.  Specifically:  I 
have not been able to get my flex net to run in win 98 (I have not seen any 
traces on the scope in the application smdiag.exe in the win98 environment). 
  Does anyone know why?  Another problem I am having is my computer 
(Toshiba, Satellite 2065cds Laptop with a ESS, ES1987S Soundblaster 
compatible soundcard) shuts down for no apparent reason when I'm in this dos 
environment with the sound blaster driver (maestro.com)and flexnet loaded 
even when I am not running the Baycom software (e.g. playing dos based video 
games).  Also, I have only been able to receive two messages on a very busy 
packet frequency after monitoring a generous amount of time.  I want to 
arrange a time with a friend to send some packet to me to make certain this 
is a problem on my end.  I have spent many hours trying to get this software 
to work with little success;I need help.  If you or anyone you know can 
help, please fwd this message to them.  I am anxious to get this software up 
and running.

                                         73's de KQ6UP

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