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On Mon, 26 Jul 1999, Garie Halstead wrote:

> > WB4APR said:  Make sure that no Awards, nor certificates nor any other
> > QSO recognition can be made for any two-way QSO's on the FM birds.
> BOOOOO!!!  HISSSSS!!!  Sorry Bob, but most of us got into Amateur Radio
> to make contacts with other amateurs and converse with them (whether
> it's AO-27, Sunsat or whatever).  That's what makes this hobby FUN!  

I agree completely.  THe statement about "no awards" was in the context of
"how to make handheld demonstrations possible."  Sorry if that was not
clear.  I EQUALLY defend the right to chase grids if that is "our"
objective.  All of my postings were only focused on trying to brainstorm
better ways to demonstrate handheld amateur satellite operations.  We
could equally argue what is the best way to optimize awards and grids.
That is fine too...  All we need to know is what is the intended mission
of the bird.  If it is not stated, as is curently the case, then
we are operating as intended and there should be no complaints from either

Others have pointed out to me again that AO27 and SO35 are not "AMSATS"
responsibility.  THis is true, and I thought I had made it clear that it
is the "builders" responsibility to publish its satellites ERP
requirements and mission plan, (if intended).

Only the AMSAT-XX organizations are in the best position to ask all
builders to provide ERP, mission and OPERATING recommendations.  This is
so that AMSAT-XX can properly inform its members and the community in all
of its publications, both printed and electronic and thus provide a
leadership role in guiding operations instead of encouraging user
bickering on an ever increasing ERP power curve in the absence of such

If a builder choses to make no receommendation for ERP, Mission and
Operating requirements then that is fine too.  But that decision should be
published and included in all listings so that we dont keep having user
squabbles about what is or is not appropriate on each bird.  On those
birds the "fustist-with-tha-mostist" is the rule...  That's fine too....
If thats what we want.


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