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On Monday, 26 July 1999, WB4APR wrote:

> Make sure that no Awards, nor certificates nor any other QSO
> recognition can be made for any two-way QSO's on the FM birds.

BOOOOO!!!  HISSSSS!!!  Sorry Bob, but most of us got into Amateur Radio
to make contacts with other amateurs and converse with them (whether
it's AO-27, Sunsat or whatever).  That's what makes this hobby FUN!  
I recently received an AMSAT Award for contacts I made on AO-27 (of
which I'm very proud).  Your proposal would have prevented me and others
from attaining it and displaying it on the wall of our shack.  I
honestly don't think AMSAT would be involved in the award business if
they weren't encouraging people to make contacts on the various sats. 
Now, you're asking them to reverse that position?   

> Further if we persue not full exchanges but encourage a "demo" mode of
> operating where everyone simply states his call, location and maybe a word
> or two comment, then maybe 100 people could have a "bonus" of having
> made it into the bird. 

Just how would you propose to do that Bob?  In any particular order? 
Take them in numerical order by their call areas or what?  Sorry but it
sounds like you'd be creating pure chaos to me.

> If station A hears station B, and Station B hears station A via the
> same RF path (at any time), then let that count.

Count for what?  That doesn't constitute a contact in my book.  You
might be satisfied with that but for many of us...NOT!!!  There must be
a correct exchange of callsigns (between the two stations involved) for
it to be a valid QSO.
Sounds as if you had your way, you'd turn us all into SWLs again. 
Thanks but no thanks.  I left SWLing so I could stop listening and
actually talk to people over my station.

> AMSAT international should formalize two items throughout amateur radio:

I know for a fact that you're not only a concerned individual about our
hobby, but that you're also doing something about it (for instance, the
paper you're currently writing for the AMSAT-NA Symposium).  For this,
you're to be highly commended.  If only we had more people like you in
our hobby.  But having said that, the idea you're asking AMSAT
International to formalize is not a realistic one (IMHO).

<<Flame suit on>>

73 //Garie  *K8KFJ*
AMSAT #32574

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