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I am deeply shocked by reading this message. In the Colloquium programm was
(secretly) announced that SO-35 would
be active during the last weekend, and I checked most of the passes on
Saturday. Of course anyone would be thrilled to work
a new satellite, so please Richard also except my appologies for some qso's
too much on SO-35... it's man's selfish nature.
On Saturday Reinhard DJ1KM did call for G7HIA/P and there was lots of free
space to call. (I tought G7SUU was in Surrey hi) 
I don't agree with having more FM birds in space. Frustration is the only
result. Watch AO-27 on sunday... you'll see.
Only the <Alligators> (big mouth small ears) will have "succes" and the
less powerfull, call it <Rabits> (big ears small mouth) will be frustrated
and write messages about hamspirit and so.
Hopefully this incident will not discourage new sat-enthousiasts being
whitness of the wonderfull world of amateur satellite.
I started at 16 in '95, without a license, trying to receive images from
WO-18. Those times I stayed up at night, came back from
school at noon to copy one WO-18 pass, with in one hand my food and the
other hand my tuning button. Maybe one-way direction traffic (DO-17)
encourages the beginner to make a step to SSB transponders, where there is
place for anyone. (RS, FO)
FM-reapeaters in space offer almost no place for a huge ammount of
potential operators. But indeed, satellite beginners interrested
in DX would be glad to have FM-repeaters with ... <Rabits> ... this knife
cuts on two sides.

I have a record on tape of SO-35 on sunday. Interrests can have it.

Hopefully, we aren't the losers if we can learn from our mistakes.
Again,  Appologies from my side taking precious demonstration time from

> Sunsat at the Colloquium
> ========================
> We had five watts and 3-element beams. 
> On Saturday, due to administrative problems, we were not ready at AOS but
> we *were* ready shortly after. The satellite was occupied continuously by
> a CT1, a DJ1 and a G8 so we were unable to demonstrate to beginners how
> it is to work satellites.
> On Sunday we were ready. The satellite was occupied continuously, mainly
> a DF5, and several other stations. Some stations came in to ask people to
> QRX for the Colloquium station but no-one made a QRX for us.
> The beginners were impressed. I think they will *not* start satellites
> themselves. Amsat-world are the losers here.
> And some stations have since claimed they were the *first* stations in
> europe to use SO-35. I hope they are proud; we worked hard for nothing.
> Thanks are due to Hans for arranging the switch-on and also to the Sunsat
> command station who checked the spacecraft a few minutes before european
> AOS so we would have a chance. It is because other people were selfish 
> that these important demonstrations FAILED. Next year we will a) use
> secret frequencies and b) *not* publish where we will be.
> I am *very* disappointed.
> A report about the Colloquium will be published in a few days (no - we
> were not told when P3D will fly)
> 73
> Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
> g3rwl@amsat.org
> FOC # 1188
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