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Quoting Bob Bruninga (bruninga@nadn.navy.mil) [990726 00:14]:
> Maybe on AO27 and SUNSAT... and others....
>      We need to re-define "success"?

I'd have to agree with Bob. The demo was not a "failure", it was simply
reality on these single channel FM birds. Do you suppose it would be
better that 10 people at a demonstration see an uncrowded bird, rush out
and buy equipment, become sat operators and then become disappointed
when they realize it is much tougher to work in "real life"?

One simply has to do the math and figure that given a 15 minute pass with
a single FM channel and a footprint that covers thousands of stations,
no one is going to have much more than a "hello/goodbye" contact and
even then that could be considered "hogging the bird"....

That is one of the difficult things that must be accepted with these
type of sats but you rarely hear that in the many cheery articles
encouraging new ops to try the "EZ-sats" with a handheld...

Jeff Davis, N9AVG
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