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Richard W L Limebear wrote:
> I am *very* disappointed.

First, let me say I understand you, and I'm also sorry for what
However, I want to clear a point:

> On Saturday, due to administrative problems, we were not ready at AOS but
> we *were* ready shortly after. The satellite was occupied continuously by
> a CT1, a DJ1 and a G8 so we were unable to demonstrate to beginners how easy
> it is to work satellites.

As far as the CT1 is, it was my good friend Rui, CT1EIF. He knew about 
SO-35 because I called him on the phone few minutes before AOS. He had 
no idea this was the first time Sunsat was ON over Europe. He also had 
no idea this pass was devoted to AMSAT-UK Colloquium demo qso's. 
Yes, you may blame me for not have told him that. 
It didn't occured me when I phoned him, and I fell sorry now.

> Thanks are due to Hans for arranging the switch-on and also to the Sunsat
> command station who checked the spacecraft a few minutes before european
> AOS so we would have a chance. It is because other people were selfish
> that these important demonstrations FAILED. Next year we will a) use
> secret frequencies and b) *not* publish where we will be.

I'm sorry to say, but you are confusing things here.
I understand you have all reasons to be mad about what happened,
but what else whould have you expected with a FM bird being first 
time avaliable (over EU)??? Didn't you know about what 
happened the first pass avaliable over the states???
Even everybody did a single QSO, (what I think it's very reasonable) 
the transponder would be crowed as well!
If you had a *secret* sked, what would that proof??? "Secret qso's 
are easy to do????" 
If you wanted to show them the REAL world, you must congratulate
yourself, because you did it. However I have no doubts if this 
demo had happened 3 month after first Sunsat avaliable pass over Eu, 
things whould have been a lot different.
The intention was good, but unfortunatly it was the wrong bird, 
on the wrong day! 

As far as my responsability goes, all I can say is I'm sorry 
and I public apologize.

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT
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