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AO-16 and DSP 2232.

	Hello out there it's me again with yet another question Hi Hi.

	I have my DSP 2232 set up for AO-16 for Up 1200 bps Manchester or Port 1 #
13 on 145 X 4 freqs FM
and the Dwn for USB 1200 bps on 437.0513 (as per satsfreq sheet from this
BBS), I also tried Port 2 # 23 which should be the same thing (Pacsat 1200 )

	When I first started with the DSP 2232 I had no problem with AO-16,
because the TNC settings were correct and the others were wrong, now I get
the other sats OK and not AO-16 and the settings are correct, Hi Hi where
have I heard that before?  Is there anything wrong with AO-16?? does
someone give a clue what to check on for problems with my setup, the
signals are good, actually better than before as I have added lengths of
hardline and got much better signals.

Thanks Peter VE7AHX.

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