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SO-35 pass over Europe

As announced SO-35 was switched on today over Europe between 12.48 and 12.57 
UTC (in JO42UH). At the end of the pass the carrier was switched off by the 
sat just before the sat disappeared belo the horizon. Signal was very strong 
like KO-25. I heard and worked the stations CT1EIF, ON1DLL. DO1DL and G7SUU. 
There was another CT station on which I could not identify, however.  No 
station heard from the colloquium. I wonder if the pass was monitored in 
I had some problems with my modulation, have forgotten to disconnect my 9k6 
Bd TNC from the radio :-(. Next time I will avoid this mistake. Will there be 
a next time?
I've made a tape recording of the whole pass. Saving it as a .wav file will 
become very large. I would prefer to save it as a .ra or .ram file for the 
Real Audio player, but I don't have the software, only the player for replay. 
Can anyone tell me where to find such a program which produces .ra files 
directly or converting from a wav file? 
Reinhard from Hannover
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