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Need A Better Mobile/Portable AO-27 Antenna?

Know someone who would love to work AO-27 but just can't quite make it with 
her HT?  I have had similar frustrations trying to work it mobile with a 
dual-band mobile and dual-band mag-mount antenna.  

To ease my pain, I've developed 2 antennas specifically for AO-27 mobile work 
and have the details posted at the links below.  If you need (or would like) 
a small handheld 70 cm antenna, take a look at my "Handi-Tenna":  10 dBi of 
gain and only 12" long (plus handle).  I also have an "improved" uplink 
antenna to replace my mag mount.  Take a look, and better yet, pass on the 
info to somebody who might be struggling with that (supposedly) "easy-sat."

70 cm handheld antenna:  http://members.aol.com/k5oejerry/handi-tenna.htm
2 meter mobile vertical:  http://members.aol.com/k5oejerry/vhf_vert.htm

Jerry, K5OE
ps:  If you heard me on AO-27 this week, these are what I was using/testing.
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