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Re: 30 years ago

Hello CT1EAT:   

I enjoyed your thoughts and found I have a similar one. One of my first
memories was of my parents talking of the sinking of the Titanic. But it
wasn't until some 65 years later I realized that I was born just  1 month
and 1 day after that tragedy.  This realization came to me when I met a
ham, Harry Dryer, K4NAR, in 1978 (since SK) who had copied and delivered
welfare messages from  one of the rescue ships in that catastrophe.  I
have a tape on which he recorded for me and other hams just what he did
on July 14, 1912. Yes, the subsequent finding of the wreck , the motion
picture and anniversaries since have made me feel much closer to the
world.  Thanks for your message about the first moon landing, which I saw
on TV while I was working at a TV station..

Steve E. McCallum W2ZBY

PS  As a child  in New Jersey, USA, I had friends named Costa--which may
be as significant as knowing someone  named "Smith" here. 

On Wed, 21 Jul 1999 00:57:24 +0100 Francisco Costa
<nop06152@mail.telepac.pt> writes:
>For several times I was about to share something, but for
>unknown reasons I didn't thought it was the right moment.
>Until today.
>I think one of the things that are precious for any person, 
>anytime, in any part of the world is the first memory, the 
>first image of this world. Mine was a house full of people.
>Nothing special, you might say. I also thought the same...
>Until a couple years ago, I noticed my birthday was exacly
>one day before the landing on the moon celebration day. 
>I didn't had to thought much to conclude the landing was 
>1 day after my 3rd aniversary.
>Then everything came to my mind! 
>What I thought it was a "big birthday party" it was in fact
>that, plus the "neighbourhood get together" to watch the TV.
>(in those days a TV set in a small inland city was still rare, 
>and my father probably owned the only one of our street)
>I do remember all talking much, paying very close attention 
>to what was going on TV, and the most wierd thing was when 
>I woke up next morning people were still there...
>You wouldn't belive my joy when I solve the "mystery"!
>And, althought I didn't saw the Eagle landing, and didn't 
>heard Neil Armstrong magic words (I wouldn't had understood them 
>anyway), I felt very happy to know that day was my first memory of
>And who wouldn't have thought, exactly 30 years later, I would
>chat (just like I did few hours ago) with a man traveling around 
>the earth inside a space station??? 
>Maybe that day was my inspiration. Who knows???
>73 F.Costa, CT1EAT 
>P.S. BTW, JP said he was preparing his EVA to next 23 and 28 July.
>     He was also looking forward to talk with next shuttle mission,
>     scheduled for today but postponed due STS-93 launch delay.
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