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30 years ago


For several times I was about to share something, but for
unknown reasons I didn't thought it was the right moment.
Until today.

I think one of the things that are precious for any person, 
anytime, in any part of the world is the first memory, the 
first image of this world. Mine was a house full of people.
Nothing special, you might say. I also thought the same...
Until a couple years ago, I noticed my birthday was exacly
one day before the landing on the moon celebration day. 
I didn't had to thought much to conclude the landing was 
1 day after my 3rd aniversary.
Then everything came to my mind! 

What I thought it was a "big birthday party" it was in fact
that, plus the "neighbourhood get together" to watch the TV.
(in those days a TV set in a small inland city was still rare, 
and my father probably owned the only one of our street)
I do remember all talking much, paying very close attention 
to what was going on TV, and the most wierd thing was when 
I woke up next morning people were still there...

You wouldn't belive my joy when I solve the "mystery"!
And, althought I didn't saw the Eagle landing, and didn't 
heard Neil Armstrong magic words (I wouldn't had understood them 
anyway), I felt very happy to know that day was my first memory of

And who wouldn't have thought, exactly 30 years later, I would
chat (just like I did few hours ago) with a man traveling around 
the earth inside a space station??? 
Maybe that day was my inspiration. Who knows???

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT 

P.S. BTW, JP said he was preparing his EVA to next 23 and 28 July.
     He was also looking forward to talk with next shuttle mission,
     scheduled for today but postponed due STS-93 launch delay.
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