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UNI_TRAC Errata!!!

>From the e-mail I am getting it appears there is some misunderstanding
of my New Zealandese with respect to the UNI_TRAC/G-5500 interface.

The cardinal compass points mentioned in the original item are calibration
points on UNI-TRAC's screen analog meter. They ARE NOT specific tracking 

Configuration 1 for instance provides full 360 degree tracking PLUS
the additional 45 degree quadrant at either end. i.e. The system is
capable of tracking PAST the usual end positions for a further 45 degrees,
This prevents in a lot of cases the rotator having to be traversed to
the opposite end to complete a pass. 

The three configutarions are

1: 360 degree South stopped system with 45 degree segment added
    to each end.

2 360 degree North stopped system with 45 degree segment added
   to each end.

3. 360 degree system North stopped with 90 degree segment added
     at the far clockwise end. 

I hope that clears the problem


Dave Lamont    ZL2AMD         www.qsl.net/zl2amd/

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