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UNI-TRAC and the Yaesu G-5500 controller

Interfacing has now been completed for the direct control of the
new Yaesu G-5500 system.

The G-5500 system has a standard 180 degree elevation rotator and
the new 450 degree azimuth rotator in the package. There is also a GS-232
option for tracking purposes which I understand is somewhat expensive.
The GS-232 is not required when using UNI-TRAC.

Three user defined configurations are available with UNI-TRAC.
 Best explained by cardinal compass points read in a clockwise direction.

1: SE, South, SW, West, NW, NORTH, NE, East, SE, South, SW

2: NW, North, NE, East, SE, SOUTH, SW, West, NW, North, NE

3 North, NE, East, SE, SOUTH, SW, West,, NW, North, East

Option 3 matches the G-5500 azimuth dial calibration

The following rigs are now added to the radio interface list.
These rigs can be used as part of a dedicated satellite link or as IF's in
or uplink convertor use.

       FT-1000   FT-100  IC 706 MKII  IC-706 MKII/G

An overview can be seen at my web page



Dave Lamont     ZL2AMD

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