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Re: Replies to my Oscar-10 query

Thanks to all of the folks who replied to my query, both here on the
list and personally.  For the benefit of other newbies who are learning
from these postings, I will briefly summarize the replies.  Most folks
felt that my station should be up to the task, assuming that none of
the details I left out were the culprit.  The most common questions I
was asked were about preamps and feedline.  Both of my "brick" amps
also have preamps in them, so I do have extra gain available on the
receiving end of either band, in addition to the FT-847's built-in
preamps.  The coax is Times Microwave LMR-400, rated slightly better
than Belden 9913.  The runs are about 40 feet each.  And the whole
setup works quite nicely for weak-signal terrestrial work, so I don't
think I have any major defects there.  Also, I did refrain from
making any really boneheaded mistakes, like wrong frequencies, old
Keps, etc.  The most consistent suggestions about why I have had no
success were (a) lack of control over Oscar 10 means that sometimes
it is "looking" the wrong way, (b) without elevation of antennas, I
have to work close to the horizon with a longer path length.  Also,
several folks cited sources of useful information, but since those
replies were directed to the whole list, I won't repeat them again.

Once again, thanks for all the tips.  I will keep at it!
John Toscano, KB0ZEV, EN34js

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