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Stupid Questions from a newbie

Hello all:

I've been helped immensely on this list with getting started and I
appreciate it.  Please bare with me until I eventually get a grip on

Stupid Questions follow:

I have a Drake 2880 downconverter that I finally got around to modifying and
getting ready to install.  I have a R. Myers SB-32DX dish antenna.  What
kind of feedline can I run from the downconverter to my station?  I left the
F connector on the IF side (144MHz) and I chose to run the DC down the coax
(good idea??).  Can I, or should I run something like RG8X, or the RG6 cable
TV cable?  What's the impedance mismatch going to do to me if I use the RG6?
Will RG8X fit in an F connector?  What if I got one of those California
Preamps?  Do I need one?  I'd like to be ready for P3D and maybe try to
receive the UO-11 Mode S beacon.  Feedline length: about 50'.

I've heard different opinions on feedline for 435 and 144MHz.  I plan on
picking up some 9913Flex, but I heard that 8214?? is much more flexible and
has negligible losses (maybe for HF but for V-UHF as well?), and is cheaper.
I've also heard that 9913 is prone to water infiltration over time.  Is this
true as well?  If so, how do I prevent it?  Feedline length: about 50'.

Where can I get a good deal on feedline/rotor cable?

Should I run my cables through some kind of conduit to protect them from UV?

My 435/144 antennas are currently configured for RHC polarization.  Is this
the preferred polarization for all current satellites?

What's a good weatherproof method to use on the connectors?

I installed my HF antennas about 15 years ago and I'm sure that there is
some new stuff on the market than what I used (I think I used clear RTV on
the connectors and covered them with black tape).  I haven't been up the
tower since to see what kind of condition everything is in.  They still seem
to work ok.

Well that's all I can think about right now, I'm sure there will be more to

Thanks for reading.


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