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Re: ERP "budget" for Oscar-10


On Thu, 15 Jul 1999 16:07:54 -0500 "John P. Toscano"
<tosca005@tc.umn.edu> writes:
>Hello, all.  I am quite new to the list, and quite new to working
>amateur satellites. 

>More recently, I have, with considerable difficulty, worked only 2
>stations on FO-20.  Fiddling with transmit and receive frequencies
>while keeping one eye on the PC monitor and the other eye on the
>rotor control, my third hand (?) keying the mic and my fourth hand
>(?) pointing the antennas takes more coordination than comes easy to
>me, but I guess that makes the couple of successes even more
>memorable as well as more rare.
REMEMBER, JOHN!  Working the LEO's is the "Octopus Mode" !

Regarding Oscar 10, it has not been "up to par" recently.  Last time I
the beacon was real weak, and I could not hear my own signal on the
either. The previous try I heard myself on the downlink pretty fair (S-3
to 5), called
CQ for a half hour with no results.  It's like that sometimes.  Don't
give up!  At 
other times I've worked lots of stations on there, hundreds of QSO's

BUT, you have as good a setup as I do, in fact probably better.  I am
using an 
FT-726R with 100 watt amp and I alternate between  8 element and 24
uplink antennas depending on the elevation of the bird.  I receive with
the same 
FT-726R, Landwehr preamp, and alternate between 12 element and 15 element
yagis on the downlink.  I've had moderate success on Oscar 10 with this.

Good luck!  See you on one of the birds or another soon. 

John, K6YK

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