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Re: ERP "budget" for Oscar-10

Hello John,

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Dave Lamont  ZL2AMD

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From: John P. Toscano <tosca005@tc.umn.edu>
To: <amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org>
Sent: Thursday, July 15, 1999 9:07 PM
Subject: [amsat-bb] ERP "budget" for Oscar-10

> Hello, all.  I am quite new to the list, and quite new to working
> amateur satellites.  So far, I managed 3 contacts on AO-27 without
> even realizing that it was not normal for the bird to be operational
> in the middle of a Monday morning.  This, naturally, led to some
> frustration when I couldn't ever seem to hit it again.  Now that I
> understand its schedule better, I am not agonizing why I can't find
> it in the sky on a Wednesday evening overflight.  Amazing how much
> frustration can be prevented with a little knowledge.
> But my real question concerns satellites that can't be worked with
> a 5-watt HT and rubber duck or Arrow antenna.
> More recently, I have, with considerable difficulty, worked only 2
> stations on FO-20.  Fiddling with transmit and receive frequencies
> while keeping one eye on the PC monitor and the other eye on the
> rotor control, my third hand (?) keying the mic and my fourth hand
> (?) pointing the antennas takes more coordination than comes easy to
> me, but I guess that makes the couple of successes even more
> memorable as well as more rare.
> Last night I attempted to work Oscar 10, with nothing even close
> to success, and I'm wondering if anyone can suggest to me what are
> reasonable minimum uplink and downlink equipment to make the trip.
> I am using a Yaesu FT-847 (50 watts output standard, but have a
> "brick" for 2M that gives me 150 watts and one for 70cm that gives
> me 100 watts), an older 11-element Cushcraft 2M beam, and a new
> Cushcraft 719B 70cm antenna (19 elements on 13.5' boom), rated by
> them as an optimistic 15.5 dbi.  I have no elevation ability at
> present.  Last night, my tracking software indicated that Oscar 10
> would be above my horizon (no more than 6.5 degrees) for over 2
> hours, and I spent most of that 2 hours trying to detect its
> presence, both with and without transmitting anything.  At times,
> I heard a slight modulation of the background ambient noise that
> could have been extremely weak SSB, but I really couldn't swear
> to that.  And a couple of times, I heard definite CW activity, but
> could not copy it well enough to tell if it was someone trying to
> work the bird or someone attempting a terrestrial contact in the
> satellite passband.  Listening to my own echoes wasn't much clearer.
> At times, I thought that the ambient noise changed in a way that
> was vaguely related to the noises I was putting into the mic, but
> again the change was so subtle that I couldn't swear it was my
> own signal coming back from Oscar 10.  At the time, my tracking
> software said that the bird was about 20,000 statute miles out.
> Is my station hopelessly under-equipped for this satellite?
> John Toscano, KB0ZEV
> Apple Valley, MN  EN34js
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