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RE: Soundcard 400 baud TLM decoder?

At 01:18 AM 7/16/99 +0000, Alan Biddle wrote:
>In the Spring 1999 issue of PSR, TAPR's journal, there is an article by John
>Hansen, WA0PTV, called "Packet Radio for Less than $10."  In it he "clip
>leads" several pieces of software to make a TNC using the sound card.  He
>has gathered the software needed at ftp://ftp.tapr.org/pub/wa0ptv.  I don't
>know whether a copy of his article is included.  (You may be able to reach
>I will scan the article and pass it on to you, but that will have to wait
>until early next week.  My scanner needs to be reconnected, and I am heading
>out of town on business over the weekend.

Hi, John Hansen here (now W2FS).  That article covered the use of flexnet 
for 1200 baud packet.  It was actually written quite a while ago (under my 
previous callsign).  As far as I know Flexnet doesn't support 400 baud TLM.

73, John

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