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Re: Soundcard 400 baud TLM decoder?

Alan Biddle wrote:
> Some time back I saw a couple of messages concerning a soundcard
> implementation of a 400 baud TLM decoder.  There are already 1200 and 9600
> baud versions.  Did anything come of this?
> Alan

Good evening to all,
the answer is YES. The work is going on well.
The core of the program has been fully tested and evaluated versus
noise, fading, doppler with very good results.
We have now a w958NT interface working. We hope to have the fully
operationnal real time soft for september. At least for P3D launch. As
is, the soft is perfectly able to work on wav files. (even recorded with
the microphone !).
We are now optimizing the code to make it run faster. For the time
beeing, a mid VHF class pentium is mandatory for real time.
With the implemented Costas loopand it's handful of FIR filters, the
processor is quite at hard work !.
As is there is no need to tune the receiver, the loop tracks the
doppler. At least in the receiver band pass (HI).

GR and CM

Amsat France.

Ghislain RUY 
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