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Re: SO-35

On Wednesday, 14 July 1999, KD9KC wrote:

> If making contacts on AO-27 and SO-35 is like looking for a
> parking place in a full parking lot, then some of us need newer
> faster better more powerful cars... or maybe a TANK!

Mike...perhaps I'm reading something into your comment to Mike West that
isn't there.  I've been known to do that from time to time.  If so, than
please kindly disregard this email.

The point I'd like to make is this scary "adding power mentality" by
some individuals to supposedly circumvent problems on some of the sats. 
I don't think we want to make this a power struggle do we?  It seems I
remember someone making a comment on the AMSAT BB (in the past few days)
that they were in the process of building an amp and would have it on
the air soon.  This is exactly the thing *WE DON'T WANT*!!! 

Let's not do anything that would greatly affect those folks who
experience the thrill in everyday communications through the sats via
their HTs.  

"Yes" it can be a very full parking lot at times.  However, careful
timing of your call can sometimes help a great deal in making a
contact.  Also, copying down callsigns, grids, and names (prior to
making a call) can greatly shorten a contact so that additional time
taken for "fills" for that info is not needed.  This makes for more
available time for contacts on a particular pass.

Let's not make this a 20 meter "my amp has more output than yours"
thing, OK?  Allow those who take great pride in their QRP operation
continue to do so.

My 2 cents worth <--- which may or may not add up to 2 cents.  :-)

73 //Garie  *K8KFJ*
AMSAT #32574

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