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Re: Tracking SO-35

At 17:27 1999-07-13 , Robin Haighton wrote:
>Thanks Roy -
>certainly simplifies tracking the non-digitals
>73 de Robin Haighton VE3FRH
>Executive Vice President
>Roy Welch wrote:
>> In playing around here with WiSP32, I have found out something that others
>> may have already found out about WiSP32.  It may be useful for SO-35 users.
>> I setup SO-35 in the WiSP Satellite Setup as I would any Pacsat type BBS
>> satellite.  In the Scheduling tab, I left the Program entry blank.  It
>> would normally have MSPE entered here for the digital satellites.  In the
>> General tab, I left the satellite Call Sign entries blank.  I set the State
>> entry to Track & Display.  I entered the uplink/downlink frequencies in the
>> Frequencies tab.
>> Then when SO-35 appeared, no MSPE window appeared, naturally, but the
>> antennas tracked and importantly, the radio tuned.  This is a neat way to
>> track any fixed uplink/downlink satellite such as AO-27, MIR, ISS & SO-35.
>> Try it and see.
>> --
>> 73, Roy

Hi All
What I have done is to set the program up for windows to use the clock program.
This way when the voice sats come by then I get the  clock up on my screen and
the rest takes care of it's self...  

I'm still looking for a 32 bit driver for the ST-1....Any one have one????

73, Bill N4XEO

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