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Hardline and connectors (long)

Hello Group,

This is going to be a long and convoluted message, so push delete if you
don't have the time.

I just bought "The ARRL UHF/Microwave Projects Manual" and came across a
very interesting article on home brew connectors for 1 inch CATV hardline.
It just so happens my best friend (also a ham) is a cable guy. He offered to
get me some spool ends to experiment with (~100 feet). Another interesting
reference is tuning the hardline in multiples of 1/2 wavelength at the
frequency of interest, to allow the input impedance to appear at the output.
They refer to ON4UN's book for details, so I guess there's another book to
add to the library :-)  .

The big picture plan it to move my satellite antennas (145 & 435 CP yagi's)
from a 35 foot crank up tower to a ground mount to allow me space to mount
my H.F. beam. The location that I have to move the satellite antennas
(antennae?) to is about 100 ft from my house. The thought of buying yet
another spool of 9913 kind of makes my ham budget look pale, and the
opportunity to get 1 inch CATV hardline cheaply (free?) makes this project
more achievable

The article in the UHF/Microwave Project book only refers to making PL-259
connectors for the hardline. Has anybody tried this with N connectors? I'm
familiar with the concept of "impedance lumping" in PL-259 type connectors
as versus constant impedance connectors (like BNC, SMA, and N). As a
practical matter, how much effect does impedance lumping present in real
world operation? On receive, both feed lines will have preamps mounted at
the antenna. My maximum transmit power is 40 watts on 145 Mhz and 35 watts
on 435 Mhz.

Your thoughts on this project are solicited.

73 de John

  John Zaruba Jr  AA2BN           ARRL Technical Specialist
  http://users.snip.net/~jzaruba/  ARRL Official Observer
  jzaruba@snip.net                      AMSAT #22683  QRP-ARCI #7293
  aa2bn@amsat.org                    TAPR #3202       NJQRP #007

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