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Is there much activity on AO-10?

     Good morning to the BBS,
        I was wondering if there is much activity on AO-10 in general. 
     I reallize it's pretty burnt out after all these years and I 
     understand it looks like it's going back into a sleep period. I 
     haven't had my oscar antenna's set up in a permanet location for 
     quite sometime and only seem to get on the air on Field Day every
     year. So to make a long story short, Is it worth putting them up
     in the very near future? 
        Also, I have never worked the FO birds, mainly because I don't 
     have a 430 preamp and don't have the station automated for tracking. 
        If there's really someone to talk to I'll put them up and give it
     a try....
        Thanks, Mike  KA7HBB
     CN84 near Monmouth, OR

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