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ERP and SO-35

Subj:	Re: [amsat-bb] Mir, SO-35, RS-18 stuff.
Date:	07/12/99
To:	kf4fdj@AMSAT.Org

In a message dated 99-07-12 00:23:17 EDT, you write:

<< WOW, what audio SO-35 has!  I managed to work Al, XE2YVW, early in the
 pass.  We were both full quieting.  I was sending a smoking 1 watt into
 the coax. >>

<<Gerry, K1LRO
(lucky enough to work Sunsat on 5 watts Sunday)>>

Guys...that's a great help in figuring out how much power we need to work 
this bird...

Now if some of the other people who made contacts could tell us their power 
out and antenna situation....it would help equalize access...track it with 
the Real Audio file and everyone could judge for themselves how much ERP to 

What do you think?



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