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Re: FM Satellites

> On Sun, 11 Jul 1999, Bob Bruninga wrote:
> > 1)  Im just happy to hear an amateur satellite.  One that I can show 
> > off to students and friends showing the joy of HAM radio.

Dave said:
> One day, I'll move out of this apartment to somewhere where I can put
> a heap of aluminium in the sky...

I dont think that is necessary.<grin>.  The link budget to an from a LEO
amateur satellite can easily be performed with a walkie talkie and a
rubber duck depending on the satellite design.  (Look at all the satellite
shirt-pocket phones).  ALso, there will forever be cheap (free) rides for
educational built student satellites.  I think in the future, most new
small amateur satelites could cater to the hand-held user.

THe intent is not to have everyone in their daily commute chatting on the
birds, but to provide an amateur satellite service so that those people
doing something special (demos, students, events)  or on an adventure can
still communicate back home with a radio that will fit in your
briefcase or backpack.

These demonstrations by AO27 and SUNSAT35 show the technology.  Now we
need to adapt our operating procedures to the new paradigm.

Operating with a handheld solves MANY problems:
1) No need for PREAMPS at the antenna
2) No need for power amps at the antenna
3) No need for AZ/EL mounts, motors, and angle measureing circuits
4) No need for a tracking computer and automatic tracking
5) No need for cross polarized antennas
6) No need for polarity switching.

Just pull HT from pocket, hold at angle for best signal and bingo.

de WB4APR, Bob

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