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RE: SO-35

Don't think so.  If I can barely get my callsign in with 30 watts
on a J-pole for the other stations covering over me then I either
need a beam or more power.  This isn't rocket science.  There are
only 3 parts to this equation.  #1. I can hear it.  #2. It can
sometimes hear me.  #3. For more reliable operation one of two 
things needs to happen.  #3A. Stations on there need to share more.
OR  #3B. I need more ERP to compete.  If AO-27 is any indication
of what SO-35 will be like, I will continue on my present course.

In theory, and years ago, you were correct.  I remember a time when
operators asked if the freq was in use before calling CQ on H.F. too.
Unfortunately, that too has left with common courtesy.  I will not
join the rest of the soap-box crowd except to say that truth is in
what you observe and the above is what I observe of the situation.
Others have stated it too, what more is there?

So, unless you can disprove the first paragraph, your point is???

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> But you too missed the point Mike.  Again the 
> problem is not the high power and high dollar
> antennas.  Read my previous message again,
> as many times as you need.
> 73 - Steve
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