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Yep! two contacts per pass, try it.

Well Paul I'm really not all that different from you in 
so far as interests, wants, needs and outlay of
cash.  Not to say that the last entitles me or anyone
anymore or less user time on a piece of spectrum
who's cash investment differs from mine.  Anyway
if I knew you and heard you but didnt get a call from
you on a pass, even if you were my best bud, I hope
you are secure enough with yourself, as I am with
myself that I would not at all feel slighted in any way
if I didnt hear from you on that pass.  I'm on one of
many satellites from time to time but not every blankin
day and not on every pass.  And I assure you It's
not for lack of interest.  I hear people I know on 
almost every pass of every bird I hear and don't get
to talk or say hey to all of them on every pass.  And
not once has one of them called me and cried to me
saying "you didnt call me!!"  At any rate, you didn't
get it either.  Last time.  " COMMON COURTESY"
and lets throw in some good old fashion horse sense.
Enough said.
73 - Steve
No awards, just self respect and respect for others.
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