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FM Satellites

I was very pleased to hear SO35 today and the very strong FM activity,
demonstrating how easy it is to do handheld Satellite work, but it was a
bit of a downer to hear the comments being made here as everyone has an
opinion as to how everyone else should behave.  SO here is my 2 cents:

1)  Im just happy to hear an amateur satellite.  One that I can show off
to students and friends showing the joy of HAM radio.

2)  Maybe I am showing a lack of contest interest, but does everyone need
a 2-way with everyone else?  Remember, this is an FM repeater in the sky.
Since when would you try to do a 2 way exchange with everyone on a voice
rpeater, given it was the middle of rush hour and there were 200 people
trying to use it?

3)  Remember the early days of repeaters when all you had to do was give
your call and the word "DEMO".  THen everyone on the frequency would
respond with their CALL and their location.  Thats it.  You just showed
your friends how far your HAM radio could reach and it was over and done
in about 10 to 20 seonds depending on how many people were out there....

4)  In my opinion, the FM satellties cannot possibly support TWO-WAY
exchanges between every possible combination of users.  If there are 60
stations, then it would take 60*60*2, or 7,200 transmissions!  But if the
objective was just to "join the group" on that pass, then each of the
60 stations could say a full 5 seconds of information to EVERYONE and all
60 stations would be successful in only 5 minutes of the pass!

THe following transmission takes less than 5 seconds.

    "WB4APR in Annapolis Maryland, demonstrating to some kids in the

If I got that through the satelite and someone else (anyone) commented on
it, then I would be happy and declare a success.  I dont need someone
calling me back to get my jollies.   Maybe it is time to look at such a
new protocol for such short voice opportunities...  Clearly everyone
calling everyone wont work...

bob, WB4APR

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