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Mir, SO-35, RS-18 stuff.

Yea, Jean Pierre was active on Mir Sat. morning on
orbit rev #76543 where at 07:10z he and I briefly
discussed a fix for the TNC.  He also called QRZ on 
a couple of early Sun. morning passes but he never
heard me or anyone I guess cause there were no
QSOs heard in that pass.
As far as SO-35 goes, today was my first chance to
try my hand at a contact.  I'm going to say it again,
and that is that the privilege is being abused.
Even with 5 watts and an outdoor antenna I was
unable to make one contact at any point during the
entire pass due to certain stations literally
monopolizing the use of that satellite.  At one point
I just stopped trying to make a contact and just tried
to see if my call or even part of my call could be
heard over a separate receiver during any gap in 
activity.  There was no gap and several stations
were taking up that space by making their third
fourth and even their eight contact during that one 
pass.  I propose we simply limit their activity by
working only those stations we are hearing for the
first time in that pass and limiting our own contact
count to two in one pass.  
RS-18 :  Nice card !!   I guess everyone is getting 
them as I just received my card yesterday.  It took 
a while but was worth the wait. Thanks to those
who were involved in the project.
73 de Steve

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