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AO-10, keps

AO-10 seems to be working sporadically, has a VERY slow spin rate and may
be tumbling slowly.  Nonetheless, I did hear reasonably good downlink
signals at 20,000 km when I checked this morning. 

The NORAD keps for AO-10 are almost a month old, but some ranging
measurements that I made today indicate that they are holding up reasonably
well.  Here are some updated keps based on today's rangings.  I think the
old keps are still quite usable.    

Satellite: AO-10
Catalog number: 14129
Epoch time:      99192.50000000
Element set:     580
Inclination:         26.838 deg
RA of node:          20.350 deg
Eccentricity:       0.60079
Arg of perigee:     329.117 deg
Mean anomaly:       312.572 deg
Mean motion:     2.05867643 rev/day
Decay rate:        0.0      rev/day^2
Epoch rev:            12087
Checksum:               228

1 14129U 00  0  0 99192.50000000  .00000000  00000-0  00000-0 0  5808
2 14129 026.8380 020.3500 6007900 329.1170 312.5720 02.05867643120870

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