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RE: WISP and KCT on NT Update

Thanks Jesse:

I could have used this a week ago.

- Mark West

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Sent: Saturday, July 10, 1999 4:47 PM
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Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] WISP and KCT on NT Update

> Mark West wrote:
> A few of you have asked for the NT port driver to use in your SW.
> I will make that available as an SDK, you will have to ask me directly
> for that since it will free, but not freely distributable.

Here is a FREE and readliy available NT port driver to use in your software.

Accessing hardware ports using Win95, Win98, and WinNT can be simple and
easy.  You don't need custom drivers for the application programs that you
write.  Try the following FREE product.  No advertising message boxes or
captions appear in yout applications.  I've used it successfully with Win98
and WinNT, although I don't use it with Win98 because inline assembler code
provides reading and writing to HW ports.

A test program for the drivers is included in the bundle.

Jesse Buckwalter


DriverLINX Port I/O Driver for Win95 and WinNT

(C) Copyright 1996, Scientific Software Tools, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.

Scientific Software Tools, Inc. is pleased to provide you with this utility
for performing hardware port I/O under Windows 95 and Windows NT. This
product allows your 32-bit C/C++ or Visual Basic apps (or any language that
can call a DLL) direct access to the I/O ports over the range 0100H to

This product contains the following components:
  DLPortIO.DLL  -- Win32 DLL hardware I/O functions
  DLPortIO.H    -- C/C++ interface to DLPortIO.DLL
  DLPortIO.BAS  -- Visual Basic interface to DLPortIO.DLL
  DLPortIO.SYS  -- Kernel mode driver for WinNT (not required for Win95)
  MSVC example
  VB example

If you're unsure how to interface your app to DLPortIO.DLL, please look at
the source code files for simple examples.

You are free to copy and distribute this product as long as this package is
distributed in its entirety and SST's copyright and trademark notices are
removed. Please see the license file for more information.

This product is provided without charge so we can't provide any technical
support for it. However, if you find any problems, please e-mail us at
support@sstnet.com with a complete description of the problem.

About Scientific Software Tools, Inc.

Scientific Software Tools, Inc. (SST) develops and markets award-winning,
commercial Windows products for the test/measurement and industrial
marketplace and provides product development services for other companies.
SST's product development expertise spans from systems-level components,
e.g., OCX/ActiveX, VxD, and NT kernel drivers to full commercial

For more information, please contact us at

Scientific Software Tools, Inc.
19 E. Central Avenue
Paoli, PA 19301
(610) 889-1354
(610) 889-1556 Fax
E-mail: sales@sstnet.com
Web: www.sstnet.com


DriverLINX is a registered trademark of Scientific Software Tools, Inc.
Microsoft, Windows, Win95, WinNT, and Visual Basic are registered trademarks
of Microsoft Corporation.

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