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MIR Traffic

July 10, 1999 7:10 UTC
Voice traffic copied from MIR pass over Wisconsin USA.

Working on a "small problem" with the TNC.
Fixed a problem with the connecting cable a few weeks ago, now the same
problem seems to have returned.
Working now on the cable that connects the TNC to the Radio.
Not making good connection. A pin on the plug seems pushed back
into the connector.
Cable is in and connected. Receive LED lights. Looking into
software setups to be sure all is correct, as I have no spare cable
so there is not much I can do there.

END of received traffic from MIR.


Gary Bargholz
AMSAT Area 9 Coordinator, Wisconsin
Chairman:   W.A.R. The WI Association of Repeaters
Treasurer:  M.R.C. The Milwaukee Repeater Club
Owner:      N9UUR-10 Milwaukee APRServe IGate
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