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Re: QSL'ing on Satellite

From:           	pmarkham <pmarkham@newsguy.com>

Date sent:      	Thu, 08 Jul 1999 13:06:19 -0600
To:             	amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org
From:           	Randolph Kohlwey <kohlwey@xmission.com>
Subject:        	[amsat-bb] QSL'ing on Satellite

> A while ago there was a thread on amsat-bb on what it 
> takes to get QSL cards from those who do not seem to
> want to QSL.  I have been exchanging e-mail with some
> others on this subject.

Much deleted, including a list of folks that, for whatever reason, did not qsl 

By what standard of civility, Randy, does a custom and tradition part of a 
HOBBY become a responsibility that one person (read: expletive of your choice) 
can impose on another. By what standard of civility does one attempt to impose 
guilt, and shame, in a public forum, on individuals that make personal choices 
regarding a tradition. What form of mental defect would allow an obsession with 
collecting wallpaper degenerate into a witch hunt? Step up to the microphone, 
Mr McCarthy, and let the world know that there is little difference between 
those that are not enamoured of qsl cards and "Godless Communists".  

Just in case you haven't figured it out, Randy, by making a private difference 
of opinion a public whining session , you crossed a line.

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