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QSL'ing on Satellite

A while ago there was a thread on amsat-bb on what it 
takes to get QSL cards from those who do not seem to
want to QSL.  I have been exchanging e-mail with some
others on this subject.

What I have got from some of those I am wanting such
cards from is that they do not believe in "Wall paper".
Personally I do not care if my card goes on the wall or in
the trash.  I do not have any cards, awards etc on my wall.
I do have them in boxes sorted by awards. I just want their
card to use for an endorsements.

I know several hams who were quite active on AO-27 who are
not there any more because they could not get QSL cards back
for VUCC or WAS.  As no-code techs they were excited at the
chance to earn these awards on AO-27.  Is has been down by
several people!  But as time went on and the backlog of cards
built up they just gave up.

Right now I have a backlog of 195 QSO's that I have sent
out cards for and not received a QSL card back. Anybody
wanting a that list can E-Mail me for it. I figure I have
spent over $200.00 on SASE,POSTAGE,IRC and green stamps
for those cards.

Of those 195 there are just 38 that I would like a
card for since they would give me a new grid for VUCC or a
country for DXCC. Of those 38 there are 8 that I 
"WANT" for my project of working all of the grids in
the lower 48 states. I should receive cards for all but 3
of those soon.

Maybe I will include a $5.00 "Shipping and Handling Charge"
with a SASE Postcard they just have to sign their first
name to and drop in the mail. I bet I will end up getting
nothing for that $15.00.  Eventually I will get someone else
to go to that grid and give it to me. If not then next year
when more FM birds are up I will go there and give them out.

If you are near or in DN75, EN65, or FN14 please set up a
sked with me so I can finally change these squares from Red
to Purple at:


I wonder if we could get QRZ or Buckmasters to include a
field in the database for "Does Not QSL"!

If not may next year I will do my own callsign server home
page that does have it.

73, Randy N7SFI

P.S. Here is the list of 38 that I want cards from. I do
expect cards from some of these soon.

callsign      name   sent        state
                        recv Grid Prov.  Country/county QSO's sat:QSO
dg0ek         manfried? S - JO60* -  GERMANY             1 a10:1
ik6zgf        leo       S - JN72* -  ITALY               1 a10:1
jh1npq        yoshi     S - PM95* -  JAPAN               1 a10:1
k0vsv/en02    tom       S - EN02* NE ?                   2 a27:2
k0vsv/wy      -         S - ?*    WY ?                   1 a27:1
kb2wqm/fm39   jeff      S - FM39* NJ -                   1 a27:1
kc4kqn        george    S - EM80* GA -                   1 a21:1
kd4nue        dave      S - EM91* GA -                   1 a21:1
ki7nv         willy     S - DN75* MT -                   2 a21:1,a27:1
kk5yy/bp71    -         S - BP71* AK ALASKA              2 a27:2
kk5yy/bp81    jerry     S - BP81* AK ALASKA              1 a27:1
kk5yy/dm94    jerry     S - DM94* TX hall                1 a27:1
n2yqp/dm51    chris     S - DM51* NM hidalgo             1 a27:1
n2yqp/dm51sv  chris     S - DM51* AZ cochise             1 a27:1
n2yqp/dm53    chris     S - DM53* AZ graham              1 a27:1
on1do         marc      S - JO11* -  BELGIUM             1 a10:1
pp8zwa        -         S - PI56* -  BRAZIL              1 a13:1
pz1eh         orlando   S - GJ25* -  SURINAME            1 a10:1
va3bsb        barry     S - FN14* ON CANADA              1 f20:1
ve3lca        -         S - FN14* ON CANADA              2 f20:1,f29:1
ve6eaw/bq50   eric      S - BQ50* AK ALASKA              1 a27:1
ve7agj        pat       S - CO96* BC CANADA              8 a13:1,f20:3,a27:4
ve7iwr/co82   bud       S - CO82* BC CANADA              1 f20:1
ve7tco        tom       S - CO82* BC CANADA             12 f20:8,a27:3,f29:1
ve8dx         bob       S - FQ12* NW CANADA              3 a27:3
vk2apg        gerry     S - QF55* -  AUSTRALIA           1 a13:1
vr2xmt        -         S - OL72* -  HONG_KONG           1 a10:1
wa4hei        pete      S - EN65* MI -                   8
we0m          tom       S - EN32* IA -                   1 a27:1
wl7bd/bq60    dan       S - BQ60* AK ALASKA              4 a27:4
wl7cn         earl      S - BP41* AK ALASKA              3 a21:3
xe1mex        -         S - EK08* -  MEXICO              1 a27:1
xe1mex/dl61   -         S - DL61* -  MEXICO              1 a27:1
xe1pep        -         S - EK35* -  MEXICO              2 a27:2
yv1mwo        -         S - FK40* -  VENEZUELA           1 a10:1
zl1lu         bill      S - RF82* -  NEW_ZEALAND         1 a13:1
zl1sl         phillip   S - RF82* -  NEW_ZEALAND         1 a13:1
zl4tgh        rex       S - RE54* -  NEW_ZEALAND         1 a10:1

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